Akafloor Industrial Ltda has its headquarters in the interior of Minas Gerais, in the city of São João del-Rei, among the three largest consumer markets in Brazil: 200 km from Belo Horizonte, 350 km from Rio de Janeiro and 450 km from Sao Paulo. With modern ideals, it always seeks to guarantee the quality of its products to achieve the full satisfaction of its customers. The company constantly seeks new technologies to guarantee our priority: QUALITY!

In addition, we avoid environmental degradation by purchasing as raw material only wood from reforestation and forest management.

Combining the warmth and natural elegance of solid wood with the practicality of the finished floor is our greatest challenge.

Wood species

There are 10 species to choose from: Cumaru, Cumaru Rosa, Garapa, Tauari, Jatobá, Muiracatiara, Ipê, Ipê Brancal, Peroba Mica and Sucupira.


The Akafloor ready floor is ready to be installed, without the need for sanding or varnishing.


The available measures are:

  • 17mm, 18mm and 19mm thick
  • Widths: 7cm, 8.25cm, 10.1cm and 12.7cm
  • Length: 30cm to 2.20m


Its fit is perfect through the "male and female" system and allows a very practical and simplified installation.

Find out more about each type of wood and choose the floor that best suits your environment

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